My first entry

It’s raining. A million people are suppose to arrive on my site today to start putting up the timber frames. Should we continue or postpone? I drive to the site. It is raining a lot now. Sounds easy to postpone – but I have never built a house before and today some people are available to help that know how to switch on a drill and measure stuff – there is some valuable skill right there. One of them is my sister’s boyfriend – Fritz – he does not high five….. but he has built a submarine before – for real – and he is sacrificing some of his holiday to help today and he is leaving in a few days. The weather forecast predicts rain for the next few days…. Sigh. Did I mention it is raining a lot? So we postpone. I phone lots of people and tell them not to come.  My friends are at my house. Friends that have come all the way from Groot Winterhoek and Cape Town to help. We are all jam-packed in my tiny house. And everyone is so happy. They must be enjoying the idea of a day off. I drive to my mom’s house to tell the other half of the crew that we are not building. Out of the blue, Carly arrives. Yes, she heard, we are not building. Without lingering she tells me she has this morning in the space of an hour designed a blog for me. I ask her if she is serious? Was she not suppose to stay in bed with a cup of coffee? She doesn’t answer, instead she whips out an A3 page – crayon coloured lay-out of a blog design for our house. I am in awe. Wow. I say well this is probably why she runs her own NGO – cause she is super-dynamic. This time she cracks a smile and tells me to not be silly. But where is the computer with internet please, she has work to do. Wow. I have to think about the sketches and the technical stuff – I’m so scared! And here is my friend who keeps thanking me that she can help me build my house. There is a pause in my mind. I am the most blessed person in the whole world. Its going to be ok. Fritz asks for the sketches. Its perfectly raining. So here goes – a story of building a house! I hope you enjoy it. I have to do this now cause Carly with the help of her awesome boyfriend, made me a blog. Have fun!


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