building a house builds community

It’s our last full time week on site! Things are happening so quickly. I can’t believe the frames are up and we are packing bags into the walls. Wow. So quickly. So many things to think about simultaneously. How to build the scullery roof, put in the lintels above the windows and doors, insert pipes for plumbing and electrics, and it all seems to have to happen now 🙂

One thought has crossed my mind a few times – for all the years and years and hours and hours that I have spent in houses – I can’t believe how I have never paid attention or thought more about how you build a house!

Another thought – we have had so many amazing people come to our house to lend a hand – all contributing in their own way – one lady asks me what tree she can bring for me next time she comes…… where would I like to plant it? Isn’t that amazing? The great thing about building a house that allows people the opportunity to contribute is the sense of community it creates. It has been a most amazing experience of deep gratitude…… of course mixed in with feelings of fear and panic! But then someone phones or smses just at the right time and says the right thing: “look how far you have come, remember who you are, and you are not alone”

I promiss one day I will share more about the technical detail on how to build a sandbag house!

If you are in the area come fill a bag or two – the walls are going up in a jiff!


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  1. Posted by Jeanette Strydom on January 17, 2011 at 10:39 am

    How brilliant!
    I find it amazing that you all remain for energetic and positive – as building a house it one hell of a process!
    Cannot wait to see the final product! 🙂


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