a story about squaring door frames

Supposedly you should measure the distance from the left-bottom corner of your door frame to the top right corner. This distance should be exactly the same distance as the line from the right bottom to the top left corner. If the distance is not the same – well your beautiful french doors will not fit into the frame. And by this stage your frame will be neatly secured into a sandbag fortress, which would make undoing the whole unequal distance french door frame thingo, a big mission. mission impossible, kinda.

Of course always consider the weather. it’s boiling. hot. first frame in. level? no. distance equal? no. adjust. re-measure. tinker. tap. level? no. distance equal? no. repeat procedure. tinker. tap. drill. unscrew. succes? no. re-start. maybe the frame is a freak? cause what else can it be? the foundations are not level. forget that you measured the foundations a million times. right now, when nothing seems to work, the foundations have miraculously moved.

now the westerly sun arrives. yes, that would mean afternoon is approaching and you and Gibson have been at one door frame for a few hours now. Did I mention that there are 5 more door frames to go? At this rate, we will do one frame a day. ha ha.

Marius arrives – he also wants to build a sandbag house. After a few hours, he starts shaking his head….. using words like bliksem, with a lot of emotion behind it. Like Bbllllllliiiksem. my words have dried up. I want to run away. What was I thinking? Build a house? Where do I get ideas like this from? I can’t run away. I want to run away.This is a conundrum. Its so hot now, I am a perspiring, sticky mess. My head is a mess. I try and chant good vibes. That does not make anything right – especially this obstinate door frame. Its the end of a long hot day where we pretty much did nothing. My mom picks me up from the dirt, come she says, don’t worry, it will work out. What?!?! Inside I am thinking, my mom’s faith in me is incredible…… but maybe she should start doubting a bit……and will it work out? Honestly? The evidence is pointing in another direction.


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