no one day is ever the same

My little sister says sometimes the best thing is just to sleep on it. Well, I wake up in the morning, and everything feels like yesterday. I want to phone my mom and tell her I am not coming to build the house. I want to resign. Of course I can not. I pack the drill, drive my little car to the site, with a big ? – mark mood. How am I going to figure out this door frame thing. It must be so easy.
I arrive at site and find uncle Louis there. A builder. I grew up with uncle Louis. He once build his own car. For real. Oh and once just for me, he made me a paper mache shell that I could climb into – another crazy idea I had……. seems to be a trend.

So……my mom makes no small talk. Louis. Please. help. Please. I explain the door frame obstacle. He says I need a level, a square and a tape measure. I provide. He throws the level away in disgust. I get him the longest level in the shop. Anything, I tell him. I’ll get him anything he needs. In 20 minutes the first frame is level and square and we measure the distance of the cross. Unbelievable. 2560 mm on the one side. 2560 mm on the other side. A little smile creeps in. Tanja arrives. Oh she says it once took her and hubby a whole weekend to get one set of french doors in. Oh, I say……so it can happen, to other people also.

By lunch time all the door frames are in. and properly so. Wow. No one day is ever the same. The weather is overcast. So lovely. A nice boy pops in to drop off a chocolate for me. I mean, chocolate, delivered on site. This is a good day. Our roof person swings by. I tell him about the story of my door frames. He says he measured my house for the roof. I was out 5 mm on the one corner and 8 mm on the other corner. 8 mm I say? He explains: ” I’m telling you your house is pretty much square, and better than 90% of the houses I’ve measured.” Oh, I say. Maybe things will be ok. Maybe this was not such a crazy idea after all.

Uncle Louis leaves – he thinks I’ve got it…. Gibson and I run through the windows…. I have it now….. It’s not so much of a nightmare anymore. So how to do it? Buy yourself a state of the art level….. the longest one you can find. Place it on the bottom of the door. If its not level – lift on the one side. When I say not level, I mean if the bubble is not exactly in the middle, exactly in the middle of the two little lines. When you move it up, sometimes you only need a few millimeters. So don’t stick a little plank in there and hope for the best (Sue style)…..split the plank in two if you have to….Use a nail instead….. precision, precision, patience….

then level the sides of the door frame. it helps to have the frames screwed in only on one side, level that side, then level the other side, and screw it in. Oh, the top of the door also has to be level (guess who did not think of that). so you stand on your tippy toes, pressing the level to the top of the frame……and you make sure its level there.

that’s where the square comes in handy – with the square and the level…… the square affirms what the level is saying………whats nice about the way uncle Louis tinkers is that its methodical…… step for step…. not like Sue…..after a while nothing works so just go haphazard, crazy…. outcome: zero success.

Its the day end – I feel like squaring a million more frames. I look at the site….wow, we are exactly where I was hoping we would be by the end of the week. Another miracle was born today……..Amazing isn’t?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Freebird on January 14, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    you are such a legend!
    this post reminds me of the day the frames also landed up being perfect – to the millimeter! I wish I was there to watch it come together!

    Please keep on posting… its so great to read about how its all working out!!!!

    Take it step by step, bag by bag, chocolate by chocolate 😉


  2. Posted by Louis on January 16, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Baie bly dat ek tot hulp kan wees. Onthou ek’s net ‘n oproep ver en onthou geduld gedeelte. Onthou jy “rule of thumb”?
    Liefde, Louis


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