Support has been my foundation

The higher the walls go up, the more gratitude I feel towards the many many people who have contributed towards this project. From the start the friends and family who believed we could do it and helped to guide us. Anna who helped me formalize a project plan. Kobus who gave us very sensible legal advice. Strangers who just stopped and said: I am a builder and see you are marking out your foundations. How is it going? And my smile of relief when I said, it is going really well except I am struggling with this. You arrival is incredibly perfectly timed.

Fritz and Alex

Perfect timing of support has been amazing. Alex and Stef arrived on the day we started laying our foundations. I was really nervous. Yes, I had gone through it a million times but, but this is it! I explained to Alex what needs to be done and in his most relaxed, supportive way, we went through it….. and then we were off. Alex and Stef are raising 2 beautiful twins, and spent their annual holiday to help me build a house – in-between feeding the kids, and reading stories and washing dishes and clothes.


On the day I had to start levelling the foundations Fritz arrived. In his quiet manner, he absorbed the site for a while. Slowly, he drew my attention to the slope on my site. Yes, I said, we have to start levelling today. I explained how I thought I was going to do that. He looked a bit surprised and then suggested a much simpler, more effective way. And he said, you don’t have any shade on site. He left for a few hours and arrived back with equipment to build a shade-cloth stoepie….. and helped me level the site in a few hours.


Jakkie is co-owner of our business Kouga Urban Harvest. Whilst I took 5 weeks off from building the house, Jakkie kept the business running smoothly. She further contributed on site whenever she could.


Whilst I was organizing putting up the frames, my mom sat behind me, next to a huge pile of sand. Over the course of a few weeks, the pile of sand grew less and less, and after a while I could not see my mom anymore. She had disapeared behind a mountain of sandbags.

Jo arrived from the USA. Still jet-lagged he arrived with a knife strapped to his one leg and a leatherman strapped to his belt. Jakkie thought our very own Camel man had been delivered.


Andre, a friend, came all the way from Vredendal to help. One huge source of concern was the wall that ran over the kitchen. Many discussions ensued with various persons. Finally I had an engineer come on site. We spoke and spoke. Math equations. Z and M and W….. Then Andre, who had listened to all of this….. whilst batting his bags into place, strolled over and said, well why do you not let the floor joists run over the other way. Oh. yes. that would work very well. Taking all the weight off this section.

Janna and Carly

Janna came for 3 days! all the way from Cape Town. On the day I was about to start, and the rising fear and apprehension had reached a maximum, I phoned Janna. Please, I said, please tell me you are coming. Yes, she said, on our way.


Even Gibson and Alex his brother were sent perfectly on time. They came to our site to ask for work but we already had enough people. Circumstances changed, and my mom found Gibson, purely by chance, on another day to come help out for only half a day. Now Gibson is almost running the show. He is incredible at making things level and amazingly committed.

I can go on and on. One day a blind lady came to fill sandbags. Another lady arrived and said, what tree can I bring for your garden next time. Margeret with all her inspiring words. Numerous people who brought food for the workers during our lunches. Stef, my dearest Stef, who amidst building and raising kids, sat with me one night untill 12h30 to do “the work” by Byron Katie.


Teresa and Norbert and their kids for your time and hosting a re-charging satsang and kriya. Dearest Carly – this blog is her doing. Anneke, my film-maker sister who just gives and gives and gives. Ryan Allen – regularly popping in from PE – always with huge smiles. All the numerous e-mails of support and encouragement. Oom Louis who squared my doors. Oom Rob and tannie Marieta. Gerty for her vehicle. Rob, our consultant, who keeps sending through brilliant sketches. The list is still incomplete!

I am starting to understand the meaning of Ubuntu: I am because of you.


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  1. Suzie, jys die beste. Niks sou moontlik gewees het sonder jou enthusiasm, faith, harde werk, opofferings, verstand, liefde en commitment nie. We are constantly in awe.


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