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It has been a while since I’ve written anything on the blog. The process of building a house, whilst still running a business and consulting can be all consuming. If you take a look at the gallery, you will notice that progress is being made. We have a roof, it is up. We have pretty much plastered the walls inside and out with an earth plaster…. the first layer which consists of earth, cow dung, straw and sand. We had the electric wiring done before we plastered. A week ago, some thieves ravaged our walls, pulling the wiring out, all of it, through the plaster. Sadly, in the way that it was done, we suspect that is has been someone who worked for us. Over the same time thieves broke open our container and stole a number of window and door frames. The police is not that interested in our case. We have now hired a security guard to be on site during the night at a great cost. This all happened whilst I am away in Cape Town for consulting work. The stress on my family is very big at the moment and we are all going through the motions of accepting what has happened and re-thinking the way forward. Obviously, there is a feeling of violation and the energy around the house feels very raw and hard. I have spoken to some friends who has been involved from the start and they suggested I do a vision board of what I want for the house. I have the hope of moving my consulting work forward so that I can go home in two weeks time and just focus on the house. That would be very helpful for my family but also for me…… because not being there right now is very difficult. I would also appreciate as much support as is available. If anyone feels they can pop in from the middle of June and be involved – it would be very very much appreciated. Also emails or words of support is very encouraging. It is not always having people with skill around but just people to talk to, which I find helps to get me thinking and moving in the way I should be. Having said that, I would appreciate any help and support from others who have built houses before. Being in the thick of building makes it difficult also to focus on the research that would be nice to do to choose the best options for moving forward but sometimes I also the lack to know-how for doing simple things – like doing the finishing touches around windows and doors when it comes to natural plasters or what best way to insulate the floor. I think we would like to organize some plastering workshops just to create once again a feeling of contribution and community support instead of a feeling of vulnerability and theft.

For others planning to build – advice would be not store anything on site, to place a guard there for night times once the house starts to increase in value and to keep the energy going with lots of activity around the house. We have our chins up and moving ahead…….. little by little….. one travels far.


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  1. Posted by Colin on August 23, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Did you contact eco-beam in Cape Town for any information before construction?
    I spoke to them some years ago when this was a new concept and have since ventured out to find far more eco friendly ways of building, the most impressive is still by using shipping containers.


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