We move in




Almost exactly to the day two years after building – we move in to our own home 🙂

The next post will be a thank you…. .but some photos of the house. 
IMG_3386 (2)

We have established a veggie garden in the front. 



Sitting down for a well deserved rest this time not on the ground but on furniture…..

DSC_1390The inside of the house starts to look like a home….


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  1. Hey, I am doing my own research on getting a project like this up and running. Do you guys have any step by step info, or blueprint you are willing to share? I know you probably do workshops but I am not seeing any information on this.



  2. I need to build an earthbag and cob house- it’s all I can afford for my family, and I’m a 54 year old single mom! Any advice you could give me about getting sandbag building approved either in J Bay or Southern Peninsula, Cape would be very much appreciated. I’m really serious. I really need to know soon, as my lease is up on the house I’m renting in December, and I’m looking to buy as big a piece of land as possible for under R200,000. I’m going to get a plan for a near zero engergy house from http://www.earthbagbuilding.com/plans/plans.htm courtesy of my daughter in the USA, so an existing plan in other words.

    Can you help ?

    I’m self-employed, and work comes in fits and starts…


  3. Now that you are in the house – what do you think ? Does the house feel warmer to you in the winter ? Do you feel that the walls offer some acoustic value ? From what I have seen, great job, well done.


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