Our house is featured in the Tuis/Home Magazine

Well what an experience to page through a magazine and it contains an article on your house. This little sandbag construction is famous! The team took such great photos. We want to share 🙂



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  1. Hello,..I am Planning to buy a small plot of about 400sqm in Gordonsbay Western Cape. I cannot afford to buy or for that matter built because of the expensive rising building cost of 40% the last year. I am searching for affordable safe lasting way of building. My research has led me to many ways of building but I like the idea of the sand. I want to know if the sand gets treated and cleaned before hand. And also normal brick and cement building and labour works out about 5-6 000 sqm,..how much does the sandbags compare to a house of about 150 sq?

    And the climate in Gordonsbay will that be suitable? I

    Kind regards


    • Hello Marietha

      The climate will be suitable. The sand should not contain any organic matter that will decompose and reduce the volume of the bag over time. The cost, when we built our house was less than that of an average cement/brick house.


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